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Virtual Allegiant Airlines

Chicago/KORD Hub
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Welcome to the Chicago Hub of Virtual Allegiant Airlines!

Chicago has the reputation of being windy, and has been dubbed the 'Windy City'. That might be true, but we haven't come across a pilot yet that the winds phased. Chicago is one of AVA's largest hubs, which suits us fine, being that Chicago-O'Hare, our home base of operations in Chicago, is one of the world's busiest airports.

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Thank you for visting Chicago.  Chicago is one of AVA's most important hub's.  Chicago serves as a regional hub for AVA, mainly serving the regional class fleet.  Are flights reach all over the U.S.A and into some parts of Canada.  We also offer the express class fleet some flights to.

General Info for KORD:
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Thank you for flying with Chicago

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