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AVA-004-Josh I.
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Welcome Josh I.

Welcome Josh!!! We would like you to look at the Flight Planning link. It will help you you out while flying and during your preflight.

General info for AVA-004-Josh I:

Name:          Josh I.

Hub:            Chicago/KORD

Job:             Pilot

Total Hours:   80.00

Hours(Feb 06):   80.00

Status:        Active

Last Flight:      2/21/2006


Flight's that need to be completed by: 2/28/06
(Flights for FEB done)
The Team Flight is today.  We hope everyone can make.  The flight is from KORD-KDSM.  The rest of the flights out of KDSM, are all up to you.
Messages by CEO:
Josh, everyone and you are being placed in Chicago/KORD for there Hub.  You will fly in and out of KORD following the Flight List which you can find at the Hub's page.  If you have any questions please ask.
Thank you,
Erin and Neal
Josh, Please contact Neal or Erin about your hub.
Erin and Neal

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Teamspeak is Thanks alot