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Welcome to Virtual Allegiant Airlines website.  Virtual Allegiant Airlines is a VA that offers a great virtual flying experience.  We are just not another VA that has a website and has planes.  We are a VA that cares about our pilots and gives our pilots what ever they need like flight training from the very basics to all the way up to ATP training, ect.  Virtual Allegiant Airlines is not messing around!  We have very experienced trained individuals who are taking this virtual world to real life.  The staff wants you to have a successful virtual flying career.  Virtual Allegiant Airlines staff are professionals at what they do and are taking this very seriously.  Therefore, even if you are brand spanking new to virtual flying or you a pro, we would like you to join the excellent Virtual Allegiant Airlines for a professional career in virtual flying

We are just now starting to get are website and are teamspeak up and runing.  Everything will be ready to go in about a month.
Thanks for waiting,
Erin and Neal

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